Some interesting points in an article about Florida State's coaching search

First off…Van Horn not on it and why would he be. But Vanderbilt’s coach is listed as making $2M per yer and TCU’s as making $1.5M.

This quote was also surprising to me:
“In 2014 Mississippi State launched a $55 million project solely dedicated to baseball, now it is unrealistic to believe that Florida State could ever raise enough money for a project of that magnitude.”

Surprising because you would think Florida State would be a baseball school.

I know very little about FSU but there was a lot of scuttlebutt that Jimbo left in some part due to their financial inability to support the football program in the manner he thought necessary.

Interesting if true.

Couple of points on Free Shoes athletic program:

They ask their students to pay an athletics fee of $7.90 per credit hour (carrying 15 hour load equals $118.50 per semester). We don’t. Never have.

In spite of that, FSU athletics lost money in fiscal 2016-17. They spent the most on coaches’ salaries of any public school in the ACC (or in the state of Florida either) while their media receipts were $17 million less than Florida’s. Thank you, SECN.

Mike Martin’s base salary in 2017 was $577,500. Not chicken feed, but not in the DVH/Corbin/O’Sullivan ballpark either.

There’s some sentiment for Mike Martin Jr. to replace his dad. They could probably do that a lot cheaper than going out to get a name from another school.