Some interesting numbers

I had a look at an economic report for the athletics department this morning. One of the items was the 2018 regional and super regional in Fayetteville.

According to UA statistics, there were roughly 52,000 tickets sold during the regional and super regional weekends and 24,000 were to people from outside Northwest Arkansas. The UA estimates those two weekends had a $3.6 million economic impact on the region and that does not count the sell of tickets, merchandise, concessions, etc. The estimated economic impact from the 2018 baseball season was $10.1 million.

It should be noted that researchers pretty much unanimously agree economic impact reports are bloated and do not take into account a number of factors. Still, those are interesting findings.

Even as a local (at the time) there is no telling how much I spent at the EZ mart on the corner of Razorback and MLK last spring on the way to Baum. I think before every game I stopped to get seeds, snacks and a drink, and usually ice and beverages for the cooler if I was in the hog pen for that game. The weekends also nearly always included a stop by Cane’s to get BOGO chicken strips after a 7 strikeout game. I can imagine a family traveling in to town would drop a pretty penny going to games when you include fuel, lodging, multiple meals, etc.

While the ticket is cheaper, I suspect the hog pen seating adds a lot to the non-venue expenditures of fans because of everything they are allowed to bring in. Fans buy things like lawn chairs, coolers, bags, charcoal, food and cooking utensils. Although I suspect the amount of these sales decrease throughout SEC play as peak baseball weather has already hit, so most fans that will sit out there have already attended once, so have already purchased the more durable goods, and won’t do so again for the season (this is a place where resource value models used in economic impact analyses can become inaccurate, as people tend to spend less each time they attend an event, so diminishing returns applies) .

I went to game 3 of the regional and super regional, but the ticket prices ate in to my snack budget (and no “beverages” allowed) so my non-ticket expenditures were much less for those games.

I know the hog pen is the happening place when you have your little ones and grand kids to boot! A baseball series get a lot of folks in hotels for 3 to 4 days and they spend a lot of cash. I know that first hand.
I don’t have to stay in the hotels much I have family to stay with and kids to play with. We have another young hog fan that was born December 26 th. His older brother is 3 and loves the hog pen.
Matt the success of baseball, softball, track, socer, and golf is holding the torch while basketball Men’s and women’s are building. Football will turn the comer too it due time.
Baum Walker is a great place to watch baseball. I hope the hogs are able to earn a regional at least this season. A super might not be achievable.

We’re top 10 now. Only takes top 8 to get a super. Long way from June but I’m not going to rule anything out.

Our RPI is only 33rd now but we have no Quadrant 1 or 2 games so far. That’s about to change. Misery is pretty bad in RPI but Texass and Bama are both Q2 and may be Q1 later in the year.