Some interesting information learned today

Now that everyone was back in town, I asked today about a few rumors that had been widely circulated the past couple of weeks:

  • Hunter Yurachek did meet with Mike Anderson at The Blessings Golf Club on Monday, March 25, but they were not with a university attorney. The third individual present was Jon Fagg, who is a senior administrator for the athletics department and the sport administrator for basketball.

  • The plane that landed in Iowa City, Minneapolis, Reno and Los Angeles was occupied by Yurachek. All of those stops included interviews with candidates. I was not able to confirm who the candidates were in those cities.

  • Yurachek first met with the Musselmans on Tuesday, April 2. He had reached out through an agent a few days earlier.

  • During the search, Yurachek did not fly out of or into Drake Field. He used the airports in Springdale and Fort Smith, and never used a UA plane. The plane that was used to fly to Reno yesterday is owned by a Central Arkansas company and departed from Fort Smith.

Aloha and mahalo Matt!

It appears our AD knew what he was doing all along!


Completely agree with this comment!

I’d have to guess that LA was Alford, Iowa City was McCaffery and Minny was Little Pitino. Of those four, we hired the right one.

All correct except Iowa. That was Steve Forbes. Happened to be in Iowa.

I had to look up Steve Forbes. No idea who he was, since I was pretty sure it wasn’t the Steve Forbes who ran for president a while back :stuck_out_tongue:

Flat tax!!!