Some interesting info from former LSU AD

Skip Bertman (former AD) was on a local radio show and spilled all the beans on several things now that miles is gone.
Said some really interesting things.
1.\tMiles DID turn down the Michigan job (for more money) to stay at LSU. Said he was in the room when it happened. Wow
2.\tWhen Saban left they spoke to Petrino, Saban recommended Houston Nutt, Said they met patrino in some random Marriott in Kentucky in secret. Landed on Miles because he was a family man and knew he would stay put for awhile and not have scandals.
3.\tSpurrier at some point got turned down by LSU and ever since then he had a grudge against LSU and would run the score up whenever he could. Explains all the beatings LSU took by Florida and he would be throwing deep up 50 points
4.\tSaid last year the reason he wasn’t fired was it was split among the BOT. Alleva wanted to let him go but did not have 100% attention of the powers that be. He said the Wisconsin game was the “watershed moment” that is when it was 100% unanimous and the boom was lowering. Unanimous decision the next game he loses he is gone the next day.
5.\tHe refuted that Coach O fired Cam. Said there was no way Cam was staying. That was leaked to make coach O look like he took control. But anyone with logic knew the problem was offense and why would you fire a beloved coach and keep the coordinator.

I think Les Miles turned down Michigan twice - first in 2007, then again in 2010. Those were the years he won a national championship and before he lost the title game to Alabama.

To remind, Saban left LSU after the 2004 season. He was at LSU from 2000-04. Here were the Arkansas-LSU scores during that span:

2000 - Arkansas 14, LSU 3
2001 - LSU 41, Arkansas 38
2002 - Arkansas 21, LSU 20
2003 - LSU 55, Arkansas 24
2004 - LSU 43, Arkansas 14

Saban must have been very impressed by those first three games.

Saban and Nutt shared Jimmy Sexton as an agent. My hunch is that had as much to do with his recommendation as the games they played.

any coach that can win 2/5 from Saban (40%) must be doing okay!!!..just sayin’!

It was used by Sexton get more money from Arkansas for his client Nutt…and himself. Didn’t JFB want to cut Nutt loose then to pursue LSU but the chancellor gave him the famous 2 year pass?