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Would Arkansas save an open in the 29, if they believe QB Buechele from Texas will be available in May?
We know Arkansas is still recruiting Lakia Henry, would they take both Henry and Chris Russell if could land both?

From what I’ve seen RD and DD post on here. It sounds like they are set at QB, and would love to have both Henry and Russell. But things change all the time

I think they’re done at QB, but would never say never. Would be surprising to see a grad-transfer attending a school that just added a grad-transfer.

Yes, they would most likely take both if Henry and Russell wanted to come.

Not sure why some thought Arkansas would be the place to land Shane.

The only thing I could come up with is that Coach Morris and Shane are both from Texas.

Not once did I hear any legitimate source say that he was even considering coming here.

So, I must assume the report that someone from Shane Buechele Family contacted CCM about transfering to Arkansas is false?

FWIW, I never heard a name associated with that, so it could have been Hick’s family before he entered the portal. The speculation was Buechele, but that was always message board speculation.

From what I am told by people who should know, yes - that is false.

I certainly would be glad to discuss the report with its originator, if it is a named person.

Buechele very likely to SMU