Some hoops tidbits

I thought Brendan Haywood was very good doing color. Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson were all very complementary of us. Barkley said us and Bama are clearly the best teams in the SEC. The Chuckster even shouted out Coach Richardson. The best part though was Andy Katz. He said the SEC is always better when Arkansas is good, and he gave props to BWA and our fans. Loved it all. Go Hogs!


I muted the sound midway through the first half because I got tired of Haywood leading the cheers for the toothpaste boys, and left it that way (couldn’t stream Chuck because of NCAA tournament rules).

The lady doing the Baylor game is excellent! Apparently she is the first woman lead announcer in the NCAA tournament.

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Also, you could tell that there were a lot of Hog fans there. I heard several very loud Hog Calls. Music to my ears.

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Dang mad I missed that. I love sir Charles. Met him once and he told me I need to get in the weight room :joy:


Wish I would’ve seen that. If anyone finds that online, please post a link!

Actually they got a lot better in the second half. They were quite complimentary about the Hogs.


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