Some HCs who are unlikley to dance this year

All of these guys have had a lot of success of late, but for one reason or another have not had a very good year.

Greg Marshall-Wichita State 15-13
Dana Altman-Oregon 17-12 in the very weak PAC
Bob Huggins-West Virginia 11-18
Greg McDermott-Creighton 16-13
Archie Miller- Arizona 17-13 same predicament as Altman, nineteen wins unlikely to be enough.

Every situation is different, but there is not anything particularly unique about our struggles. In each case, including ours, the fans/admins have to ask themselves if the current guy will do better going forward, or even be given the chance to do so.

A couple of these coaches have bigger issues than their teams record this season!
I will be very suprised if Miller keeps his job when the folks at Arizona hear with their own ears the tape of him dealing for players.
Greg Marshall at Wichita State he should have keep his shockers in the Missouri Valley Conference. The AAC is little tougher!

I just hope Arizona would do the right thing and not sweep it under the rug

They won’t if they hear it! That would prove their coach lied to them and make them look stupid by supporting him and believing him.
What do you think Kansas will do to Bill Self the Kleenex Man?

I would add Mike Brey at Notre Dame, Billy Kennedy at Texas A&M and Jim Larranaga at Miami to that list.

Wow…Bob Huggins averaging 23 wins since he was hired at WVU…25+ last 4 years.

Miami has been mentioned in the pay to play scandal as well. Billy Kennedy lost a lot of ramen to last year and 2 of those early like CMA did when Portis and Qualies left early. Billy Kennedy is a good man. I really like him and like the way he handles post game news conferences is it’s a win or a loss he owns it’s!

I just want us to be back in the tournament. Knowing all the coaches who are not making it this year doesn’t do much for me. I want Mike to recruit better and get us back next year!

West Virginia roster makeup is not as bad as ours, but they have seven new players and I recall 3 juniors and no seniors.

There is a list like this every year. It goes in cycles for a majority of schools. It is our turn this year. Some of us understand that and that is why we are against firing Anderson.

Now the thing io do is not to be on this list two years in a row.

If you add Kennedy and Larranaga to the list, you must add Mike Anderson. The three started at their current school in the same year. Larranaga has 3 tournament appearance like Mike in and Kennedy has 2.

The whole point of this thread is that there are some OTHER veteran HCs who aren’t going to make the Dance this year either. MA being on it is a given.


From the coaches listed in the OP’s post, here are the # of NCAA-T appearances and NCAA-T wins for each since 2012. And I’m assuming that the OP was referencing Sean Miller, not Archie Miller.

Marshall 7 appearances, 9 wins.
Altman 5 appearances, 11 wins.
Huggins 5 appearances, 6 wins.
McDermott 5 appearances, 3 wins.
Miller 6 appearances, 10 wins.

Most teams go in cycles. As a fan, you have to hope that your peaks are high and that your valleys are short-lived.

Mike Anderson NCAA Tournament record since 2012
Appearances: 3
Wins: 2
Losses: 3

NIT Appearances: 1
Wins: 1
Losses: 1

Go Hogs!

You and FTA started counting since 2012 to show a comparison to Mike Anderson in a negative light.

You could have started counting five years ago, usually what people want to look at for a trend in any kind of statistics. Or you could have looked at the entire career of the coaches but unfortunately that would have brought in six other NCAA appearances and 5 or 6 (can’t recall which one) more wins for Mike.

I think the OP was looking at careers of the coaches rather than taking a shot at record of Mike at Arkansas. Just my opinion. OP can verify.

I would say Huggins is the one Coach who should be given a pass for a bad year.


Sorry if I misinterpreted the thread, I thought they were comparing coaches and programs over the period since 2012.
Thought it should Relevant to put our post season history during that period.
I’m not a CMA basher and have no real leaning on if he retains his job, but these are the facts about his post season record since being hired as HC.

Go Hogs!

is this supposed to make me feel better about our year? if so, certainly didn’t do the trick

PJ, to be fair, same coaches tourney records, (years coaching and overall record) then below is win% for each

Mike Anderson - 9-9 NCAAT - 3-2 NIT (16 years 366-198)
Gregg Marshall - 11-13 NCAAT - 5-1 NIT (21 years 484-184)
Dana Altman - 13-13 NCAAT - 10-9 NIT - 2-1 CIT - 5-1 CBI (30 years 631-342)
Greg McDermott - 3-8 NCAAT - 2-1 NIT - 3-2 CBI (25 years 483-302)
Bob Huggins - 33-24 NCAAT - 3-4 NIT - 0-1 NAIA (37 years 856-358)
Sean Miller - 19-11 NCAAT - 0-1 NIT (15 years 384-134)
Archie Miller - 5-4 NCAAT (8 years 169-92)
Mike Brey - 13-14 NCAAT - 7-6 NIT (24 years 511-257)
Billy Kennedy - 5-4 NCAAT - 1-1 NIT - 1-1 CBI (21 years 356-289)
Jim Larranga - 9-10 NCAAT - 7-8 NIT - 0-1 CIT (35 years 644-429)

Mike & Dana .649 win %
Greg Marshall .725 win %
McDermott .615 win %
Bob Huggins .705 win %
Sean Miller .741%
Archie Miller .648 win %
Mike Brey .665%
Billy Kennedy .552 win %
Jim Larranga .600 win %

The reason Miller and Larranga are highlighted is last year I looked up what people said that Mike wasn’t doing good (wins, road wins, NCAAT appearances, NCAAT win, conference wins, recruiting, butts in seats, etc) here at AR. Mike was 16th out of 351 coaches that meets all the criteria people have complained about. Larranga and Miller are the only two on this list that were ahead of him. That includes Huggins who has been outstanding since he arrived at WVU.