Some great NFL football on today

Can Jerry’s team get past the powerful 49ers? Can the Bills and Josh Allen whip the Bengals?

I am picking the 49ers and the Bills but not betting on either.

NFL football is awesome this time of year.


I like the Boys chances. I know Purdy isn’t playing like a rookie, but he is a rookie. Dallas leads the NFL in QB pressure. SF hasn’t faced a defense like Dallas’ since McCaffery took over the starter position (11-0 since). I think the pressure makes him look like a rookie.

Speaking of pressure, last week, Aikman talked about pressure, and how it increases each round. Purdy is playing the best D he’s faced and the pressure of winning has also increased (if he and the 49rs win today, Philly will smoke them next week for the same reasons).

I had Cincy most of the week, but since Hamlin is there and in the stadium there is gonna be an insane amount of motivation by the Bills, so I’m switching my pick to Buffalo

Boys and Bengals for me.
Now that Hamlin is gonna be OK, I wanna see the AFC championship played in Arrowhead…with a lot of snow.

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My Bengals completely dominated the Bills today in their home stadium.
If not for that horrific game cancelling injury 20 days ago to Damar Hamlin this game would’ve been played in Cincinnati with the same result.
Now on to KC where the Bengals will put an end to the question as to who is the best team in the AFC for now and the foreseeable future.

Who Dey!

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Dak sucks, glad he’s in Dallas

Just like Dallas was gonna whip em today, baked, love your basketball takes, better stay over on that board with this rubbish

100% correct

Kinda funny Mr Irrelevant out played him

Hey dfarris - Enthusiastically agree with everything you said, it was def a dominating performance. As a loyal Bengals fan of 50yrs since spending my preteen years in SW Ohio during the early thru late 70’s, I am loving seeing the Queen City getting the success we have so long deserved & longed for…and having fun fun fun doing it. The talking heads keep pushing the Bengals aside, but they just keep whipping everyone else’s post season plans. On to KC…again! Who Dey!!