Some Good Things about the SEC Mandatory rivial

Came out of the deer woods after a very good day - got cell service and dang!

After overcoming the shock of my favorite team losing to such a low tier team - I have to admit I’m embarrassed and disappointed - I thought Arkansas was in an upward trend

Sure my Mizzou realitives will glost but frankly - that doesn’t matter

If it’s true This mandatory rivial is who the SEC wants Ark to be measured by - Ark is in trouble

No one who Is a “rivial” of Mizzou is taken seriously

Still looking for some good I can think of this:

  1. Nobody was watching outside the Ozarks
  2. Ark should get a lower tier bowl with a chance to win
  3. When we win next year we can walk off the field and let the SEC have that silly looking trophy that makes no attempt to be anything original other than the cheap copy of the battle fior the boot that the SEC mandated we take to replace the Boot

We have to be honest - The SEC making this a mandatory rivial for Ark - they set up Ark in a no win situation

No tv market
No history
No national impact
No respect - If you beat Mizzou it’s simply “you should have beaten them”. If you lose to Mizzou - you are diminished (Can we say Kansas University football)

Aside from the sec madate that this silly rivalry game will exist because they said so

Arkansas needs to look at itself for not taking care of business and beating a dead last SEC dawg -

I knew this was going to be a rebuilding year but - Dang!

Next year can’t get here soon enough - this feel like 1992

Did you get a deer?

I quite deer hunting in the late 70’s. Too cold, too early, gutting and skinning a deer is disgusting. Plus I’ve never enjoyed eating deer (except jerky).

That being said I wish I was in the deer woods yesterday. :?

Yes I did and every one but one in the hunting party got a deer

I’m older now I don’t shoot unless it is s class that justifys the work - I so enjoy being out

We have a Church family I hunt for now
They have gone totally organic

They have a child who doesn’t handle some hormones in meat very well - but no problem with wild game

So I supplied the thanksgiving turkey fior them as well this deer

Anthor church member provided a second deer so they are pretty set fir 6 months

I’ll try for two toms this spring

I’m older too I tend to hunt from blinds now I sleep a lot - blinds help me stay out of the weather some

I take far more pictures then I do game

I’m the oldest member of the camp and the only one using s leveractiin

My fav is the Marlin 336 MX in .308 Marlin Express

I was hoping this football team was like that rifle - classic throwback style with new firepower

I’m very disappointed in yesterday’s loss - you just don’t lose to the last place team in the SEC - it’s like losing to Vandy

It is the SEC and you have to take no one for granted - even Vandy or Mizzou

I enjoy Playong folks like Mizzou what I absolutely am revolted by is the mandated “rivilry”

Does the SEC think we are that simple minded and stupid?

Evidently a number of us are

I digress

You don’t lose to the worst team in the SEC and make it so embarrassing by losing so late in the season to such a team

I’m really starting to doubt Arkansas can compete and maybe the SEC is right

Ark is no better than a regional brand and we deserve Mizzou and deserve a meaningless game for end of season

So now Bowl games loom larger

Got to keep winning Bowl games

I suspect Coach Bret knows a bowl loss and the extended honeymoon will be over with most fans

I do believe Coach Bret is a sound national level coach

We have had several who have failed now which means we have to look at us - Are we kidding ourselves and we are simply - Mizzou in red and white?

The production simply is not there and some good coaches have failed at Arkansas

My dear is IF Coach Bret fails - no one with a decent coaching resume will want to come to Arkansas because coaching careers end at Arkansas

We best hope Coach Bret succeedes next year

Glad I was in the deer woods so I didn’t waste my time by being even more disappointed than I am now - at least the hunt was good