Some good news on Taurean Carter

Pittman said today that Carter might return for the last couple of games, and for sure by the bowl.


I wonder if it’s silly to hope he’s back for the LSU game?

That’s great news. I wonder if waiting till so late in the season is to ensure a redshirt, medical or otherwise.
Or he just won’t be physically ready anyway till then. Probably needs lot of conditioning to get in some sort of shape to.
Either way very happy for Taurean.

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Agree, good to get back in flow. I was afraid his injury might be more serious than we had been told but this Implies the recovery just took a long time .

That’s encouraging news. Carter is a solid player.

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Carter’s loss was almost as devastating as Catalon’s. Carter was our best DL. His absence really affected us this year. Carter is a redshirt junior. I assume he can return next year if he chooses to do so.


It was entertaining to watch him last spring. He had raised his level of play and was set for a special season. He reminded me of Darius Philon last spring.


I really hope he makes it back. Can he play in as many as 4 games (unlikely, I know) and still redshirt? In cases like this I always wonder what type of workouts he has been
able to do to “stay in shape”. With a knee injury I wonder how much cardio he has been able to do,

Carter redshirted as a true freshman in 2019. He has another year. He’s a Junior.

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I don’t know, but just because someone is back doesn’t mean they are at their best. I’d imagine 2-3 games necessary to get in the swing of things.

Are medical redshirts still and option?

Isn’t there also an extra year for the 2020 covid year? 6th years are not unusual these days. Dalton Wagner was a Bielema guy, and he’s still playing.

I think Carter could play through the 2024 season if he wanted.

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Definitely needs to come back

Medical redshirts are considered at the end not the middle of eligibility. He does not need a medical redshirt to play next year.

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