Some FTA stats

Okay, FT disparity doesn’t mean the officiating was bad. But there are disparities, and there are statistical outliers.

If you don’t want to believe your eyes, last night Arkansas shot a FTA once per 7.0 possessions. We came into the game #31 in the nation at one FTA per 3.1 possessions. Furthermore, we hadn’t been any worse than 4.3 possessions per FTA in any SEC game this year. So, our FTA rate last night was less than half our typical rate and by a wide margin a new SEC low, including the first LSU game when we were under 3.0 possessions per FTA.

Perhaps LSU just excels at not fouling and got homecooked in BWA. Not. They are in fact mediocre at not fouling at #174th in the nation. The Tigers are hardly known for hands off defense. In fact, the only two games in which LSU came even close to surrendering fewer FTAs per possession were against Furman (#346 in the nation in FTA rate) and UNC Greensboro (#256 in FTA rate). So, they pressed the entire second half and managed to have one of their lowest defensive FTA rates of the season against a team that is in the top 35 in FTA rate. Not likely in a fairly called game.

BTW the only game in which we surrendered more FTAs per possession was at Tennessee. We gave up a FTA once every 2.0 possessions last night. We foul a lot, one of the worst in the nation, but LSU only shot a FTA once per 3.75 possessions in BWA. We were playing from behind in that game and went for more steals in our own rally.

Excellent stuff. The stats just verify the experience of watching the game-the officials did a lousy job.

I really am not into the college refs are crooks thing. I always assume incompetence rather than evil intent. Some guys just can’t stay calm and detached enough to consistently process what they see in a loud, intense gym. Then you get missed calls. Last night those refs got caught up in the intensity of LSU’s comeback, and lost focus in a major way.

Arkansas has been the beneficiary of that in Bud Walton from time to time. Last night we had to overcome it in Baton Rouge.

Any & every home team usually gets “some” home court love by refs including us at BWA. I can’t recall any AR game at BWA (that I have watched) where I thought man the refs were really on our side from start to finish. Usually it’s a few bad calls/no calls in our favor but later on a make up call or 2 happens.
Now there are some blue bloods in our conference (1 most notably) that gets the refs home love at home & on the road!