Some early signing numbers to digest...

During the first early signing period, 68 of the nation’s top 100 players signed early.

ESPN says that 65 percent of the overall signees inked early in 2017, expected to be about 70 percent this time around.

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Numbers of commits from some notable schools that are waiting until Feb. to sign:

LSU: 2
Alabama: 3
Ohio State: 3
Auburn: 4
Michigan: 5
Georgia: 5

Difference is, with those schools how many of those guys are waiting, and how many are being told to wait?

I read an article the other day about how Alabama was in contention for a number of recruits who would be upgrades of what they have, and it would be a trade basically for a spot.

Also, those schools can afford for a kid to wait, if they have a kid wait… they’ll just go grab someone like Devin Bush from us.

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Andy Staples wrote today about how the schools basically want to sign everyone they can now; it’s the kids who sometimes want to wait until February. CM would love to fill all 29 spots and work only on 2020 and 2021 in January.

I brought up numbers.

You can Interpret them however you want

I didn’t offer up an opinion

nobody knows what any of these kids will do,they have so many ppl in their ear they can flip on you in a hearbeat!