Some dark humor to lighten a long day... :)

Now that its obvious that Jeff Long is looking for a job, and he is considered
to be very ethical and upstanding as an AD in the nation, what if…

You had a university seeking an AD that could immediately give them some
much needed credibility considering the current mess they are in. They could
throw some good money Jeffs way to get him, which instantly tells the world
we are trying to fix our corrupt ship and do it with integrity and ethics.

Jeff Long - new athletic director for Louisville.

Wouldn’t that just make Petrino piss in his pants, and would that just steam
the hell out of the Arkansas “Petrino” lovers to think of Jeff and him united

Wouldn’t that just warm your chesnuts over an open fire!!! LOL

Told ya some dark humor…

Dark indeed.


Gus to Arkansas
BobbyP to Auburn

Here’s the conversation after JL announcement as AD at Louisville:
JL: Bobby, you know I had to fire you at Arkansas because you lied to me. Are you going to lie to me
BP: Yes.
JL: OK. At least you told the truth.