Some Big J Journalism from the breakout interviews

Throughout the season I’ve gotten texts from people about JD Notae and his vigorous gum chewing. I’ve noticed it, too, during re-watches. After the win over Gonzaga, I got a text from my wife saying that it is what her mother loved most about watching JD.

I asked him about it Friday when we had breakout interviews, which were awesome and the first of the kind with the guys this season. Here is what I could uncover:

JD said lots of people have asked him about what kind of gum he chews. He chews whatever Arkansas has available – Trident Blue, Green and Orange. Some games he won’t chew gum, but it’s rare. For a while, he couldn’t play while chewing gum. He would get too tired. Later, he felt like gum helped him with his conditioning. It kind of took his mind off of him being tired.

Digging deeper, I asked Stanley Umude about it. This was interesting. He said some girls he has talked to don’t like it and ask him, “Why is JD always chewing gum?” Stan doesn’t even notice it during games at this point. It’s just something JD does.

“I think he got used to it and is comfortable doing it. He is always chewing that gum, though,” Stan said.


That seems like a perfect NIL opportunity!


Seems like it’s always blue,I’ll have to check and see what color it is tonight

I’ve noticed several other players have started chewing gum… will have a pack in my mouth all night.

Better than chewing on my nails…which watching these games tends to make me do.

I been saying for several games now I think it’s Dentine

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They say it’s trident

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Nice job trying to get to the bottom of this mystery, Scottie!

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