Some bad losses yesterday

Ole Miss completely laid an egg against Moo U at home. Went back to not being able to find the basket with a map. I think their hopes of sneaking into the field of 68 are off that map.

Then there were the fall-aparts. Texass blew a 19-point lead at home and lost to West Virginia (cry them a river… not). They collapsed after two Fallopian players had to be separated DURING A TIMEOUT because they were ready to fight each other (that’s never a good sign, Shaka). And Notre Dame was up 20 on Syracuse in the second half and got outscored 40-12 down the stretch to lose by 8, as the Irish couldn’t handle the Orange full-court press.

There were a few head scratchers for sure. You can add whipping Kentucky out on Tennessee. Now the used car salesmen is trying to change his tune.

MSU is very diliberate; frustrates others However, to Ole Miss, they’d just beaten Tenn and Missou, and two roadies against Aubie and the Gamecocks – and then this home loss vs MSU?

Wish they could all lose. ND and Texas losing leads and then the game, oh my you just made my day.