Some Arkansas High School BB Questions

I left Arkansas in October and haven’t been back. I’m kind of out of the loop on a few things.

  1. Did the AAA do away with the 7-A classification in all sports? probably a good idea if they did. I always thought the state had at least one classification too many.

  2. What happened to West Memphis, Parkview and NLR? Does not appear that any of those teams made it to Championship Week.

  3. Is Hot Springs still hosting all the title games?

  4. Who were the top 5 players in the state regardless of class or classification this year?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

  1. Moody left NLR for prep school, Moore is not that dominate as a 6-4 center and Parkviews best player and only real prospect is the Flanigan kid that signed with Auburn.

Best players I have seen are McBride SR and Williams JR from FSN.

7A still exists in football. Not in hoops. Other sports, not sure.

Yes the title games are still in Hot Springs.