Somber Walk off Field Last Night

For UT players and staff in the midst of the fans storming the field. I was glad it went well and no fans fighting their players. That had to be humiliating for their team, adding further insult! WPS.

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It actually worked out well for the team and staff. After the game, the entire team and all the coaches headed straight to the NE corner of the field in front of their fan base. They stayed there until most of the AR fans had made it to the middle of the field, then just walked together down the East sideline, hardly being noticed.

I prefer to think of it as a walk of shame. I’m sure they are eager to return to the finesse league. Big Boy football.can hurt your body and your pride.

I think they are “required” to go to the band and sing “The Eyes of Texas” I know there’s been a lot of controversy over it.

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Received several congrats messages from ut friends after the game with comments that the Arkansas team & coaches won with class in that win and that RRS last night was the loudest & most exciting environment for a football game.

As much as I dislike ut, still hope our fans were equally respectful of the ut players as they left the field - especially since we will soon be playing them again in Austin.


Something tells me that “Eyes of Texas” thing is going to get really ugly before long….

Could impact recruiting eventually.

When you kick someone’s rear end that helps recruiting! I’m proud of our hogs.
The coaching staff had our hogs ready to play and play with heart! Our defense
Played out of their mind in that first half.
It’s been a long time since the hogs have been able to slice the deal when having a halftime lead and pull away and take the victory formation. For a first down play and burn the remaining clock
I hope we see that several more times this season.

Was it the entire team? I didn’t notice that, just that some were huddled with the band. I actually thought they were changing it, but maybe its just the lyrics that are changing.

There were games in the past that only a handful of UT players participated. Given what the controversy is about, we shouldn’t be surprised that many black players do not participate.

The UT fans that I was around yesterday were very courteous and humble.

One such UT fan (who actually lives in LR )
said, “ We need to get back to playing KU and KSU.” :laughing:

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