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Looks like Soli is in portal

Right on top of the list as of 11:08 am CT

What’s the story here? I know he’s been hurt off & on, but I figured he’d be a major contributor this fall. Anyone know why he’s leaving?

this is one aspect of the portal I hate. Not just that he’s leaving, but that it’s in the middle of spring practice. Seems to me no one should be able to enter the portal until the end of a semester. (Of course, I guess he could just quit the team then transfer at semester. So maybe the “when” isn’t such a big deal after all.)

If he sees his prospects for PT dwindling as the spring goes on, might as well hit the portal now and get a jump on those who wait. This is a game of musical chairs and not everyone will find a seat, so I can’t blame him for not waiting for the music to stop.

He’s been hurt a good bit and never been a factor and I feel bad for him,I missed on him,I thought he would be a real impact player but just hasn’t worked out for him

He looked like a guy with some ability to rush the passer/make play his freshman year. But he’s never put on enough weight/muscle to play a lot of snaps in the SEC, and he has had a lot of injuries. He was more than willing to play hurt (he was out there with a cast for several games), but he just never developed into a guy who could beat out what the current staff has been bringing in for competition at that position.

I hope he finds a place where he can play a lot of snaps.


I understand why he might want a jump on the musical chairs competition, but my criticism (or perhaps a better word is “question”) is of the system that allows this in the middle of spring practice or middle of season.

The Wild West has arrived. That’s all I know.

I think there is a May 1 Deadline or you have to sit out a year but I could be wrong. Pittman has referenced looking for couple portal players by May 1 in some of his recent interviews.

How are you gonna stop him? He can quit the team any time he wants, and if he does, no reason to keep him out of the portal.

I think Hawgcotton is also right about a May 1 date.

Did you not read what I wrote several comments above this?

Yes, I read it, Chip. I also read your concerns about a “system that allows this to happen”

It was more of a “question” about the system. I’ve said in other threads I’d probably like some restrictions on transfers, but I’m not sure what they’d be or whether they’d be worth having even if they existed. I recognize that once someone becomes disaffected for whatever reason, it’s probably best to let them go. However, I also know people can change their mind & too often jump into an “I’m gonna leave” mode when they might upon cooler reflection change their mind. The transfer portal as it currently stands allows people to make quick decisions & often leaves a coach/team who was depending on them in the lurch. Regardless, I know you can’t stop someone who is determined to leave–or to quit.

I saw Scottie’s guess at the depth chart and Soli was down the list. I thought portal when I saw it.

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I loved his dad, and was so excited when Junior signed with us. had some great sack numbers in hs, and great offer list, seemed so explosive. then the injuries. when he was on the field, he just never stood out. Sad, but I see why he’s transferring. wish him and his family the best.



I have read comments about Mike Woods going through all spring practice and going in portal the next week as wrong. Now I see where not going through all spring practice is wrong.

The portal is just tough no matter how you slice it.

If he’s not getting reps or doing much with them, he knows he’s not going to play much.

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Soli played a lot his frosh year. I believe with a cast on his hand. That shows how desperate we were for help on the DL. All the best to the young man.

Agreed with this. Also we have linebackers recruited today that are bigger than when he was playing defensive end. That is a difficult postion for freshmen to play grown men.