Sold-out games

Arkansas announced that the upcoming games against Kentucky, TCU, Mississippi State and Missouri games have sold out.

Interesting in that those four were part of a five-game mini-plan along with the A&M game, yet A&M is not announced as a sellout.

The release said the Texas A&M game is nearing a sellout. It is on Jan. 4. I assume it hasn’t sold out yet because there are more student tickets available for resell.

OK that makes sense. I didn’t look at the schedule to see exactly when they were being played (no, don’t have the schedule memorized).

Cool. That is good. Need that place rocking again

Doesn’t mean we’ll have 19,000 butts in seats, but the tickets have been sold. Getting 17K+ in the building would be pretty good. They’re all Saturday games which will help. Only one is scheduled as a night game. Of course you never know when I-49 will become a skating rink.

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Usually for most Saturday conference games, butts in the seat have been very good. I would say usually between 16K to 17.5K. Kentucky game is always a sellout regardless of the day of the week.,LSU game has been close to a sellout if it is on a Saturday.

Yeah, and really the NC attendance has been pretty decent so far. If we continue to play well and don’t get any ice storms, could be 18K+ for some or all.

I just bought tickets for A&M and Miss St. games through an on-line, third party source. There were lots of tickets available.

Welcome to modern ticket sales. One reason those games sold out, IMO, is that a lot of people wearing Kentucky blue bought those mini-plans. They have no interest in the other four games, so they put them on the secondary market to recoup all or part of the cost. I’ve been to several UK games in BWA over the years and there’s always a lot of blue.

That happens at a lot of venues.

My daughter is a HUGE Bruno Mars fan. Few years ago, he had a huge tour. The day ticket sale started, I logged on (the second the sales opened), they sold out in a matter of minutes (literally five minutes the tickets were sold out). Almost immediately, I clicked on some third party sites, and the same tickets that had just sold out popped up (about a 200% markup in price). When I called Ticketmaster and spoke to them, they told me a lot of sites, now have bots that’ll will buy a huge amount of tickets and turn around and sell them for a profit, regardless of what type of venue. They said it’s the new age of scalping.

Shortly after I got to NC I discovered that Paul McCartney had a date at the NC State/NHL arena in Raleigh. I’m a huge Beatles fan, saw Paul and Linda in concert in the Astrodome in 1992. Checked on tickets. The scalpers had cleaned out everything and the nosebleed seats on the secondary market started at $500. On the floor was $2500+. I did not attend that show.

That makes sense. It was a great idea to package Kentucky game in a Mini-Plan and not make single game tickets available till a later date. Not only you get revenue for four games, it allows our marketing department to claim not one but four sellouts. Brilliant!

What surprises me is that our a lot of our media does not catch on to it, based on what I am reading on tweets from our Arkansas media.

The last several years, or to be specific, the years Arkansas played Missouri with Mike Anderson as coach, the biggest number of rival fans in the building was Tiger fans. More so than Kentucky. I know this because I’ve been to all those games. The hatred and venom Mizzou fans had for Mike never completely waned. It was personal to them, the jilted lover. I think there were times there were more Tiger fans in BWA to boo and hiss Mike Anderson than they had for some of their home games. The first time they played us in 2012 or 2013 it was striking how many Missouri fans were there. Even the last couple of years, it had died down, but they still had more than Kentucky would have, and were more vocal. Anger is loud.

For a lot of Missouri fans, coming to the game in Fayetteville is a lot closer than going to Columbia for a game.