Soggy Friday in Fayetteville

I know the rain is supposed to move out soon, but it’s been a soggy over night and start to Friday. I think we’ve gotten something in the neighborhood of one inch. Field is covered and will be fine. Baum drains very well.

This wasn’t a heavy rain event, but we may get another bad stretch next week. Jet stream will dip in midweek and bring a pull from the gulf that is going to dump 1-3 inches of rain in north Arkansas and southern Missouri. It couldn’t come at a worse time. There is no room in our lakes. It’s going to be sad if this hits us this quickly before there has been time to lower the lakes from near the top of the dams. I don’t like the way this is shaping up at all.

We still got most of May to go and that’s typically a wet time for us. What we are getting now is a bad pattern.

I think baseball will get all three games in this weekend. It should be nice. But I just don’t like the way this spring is looking for the northern part of our state. What comes down in southern Missouri and north Arkansas, eventually has to go through east Arkansas. The flooding that we’ve experienced in the last 10 days may hit again.

All this rain and high muddy water is making fishing tough.

Weekend looks good for some baseball at Baum!

A series win would be Hogtastic!

This rain has messed up my crappie and bass fishing in the sloughs.

Tailgating was just fine. The rain quit mid-afternoon and everything has dried nicely. We really do not need more right now.