Yeah that’s a slap in the face! I can’t believe they don’t have replay!

Bomb puts Tam up. 5-4!

Yep, Florida is playing up to typical Florida tricks. I guess they run in all sports.

It’s so obvious! Umpire is spineless

5-4 Aggies after 6

With Florida involved you just expect the bias from the officials. It happens consistanty with Alabama and Georgia also.

I’m thinking I may point out their, uh, gamesmanship* on their Twitter feed.

  • otherwise defined as blatant cheating.

Oh its mind boggling… ump is pathetic, in all areas

Heart of the order up in the 7th for Gators… Aggies lead 5-4… come on 3 more outs!

2 more outs!

Don’t count outs. Ask the Cubs of 03 how that turned out.

A&M chokes again

Well crap. Two run walk off HR.

Can’t believe it! On the other hand, I can.

Gators walk off again… be sure to thank the ump!

I don’t know much about baseball/softball but that pitcher looked to me like she was throwing the exact same pitch at the exact same place the whole at bat.

Overall, it doesn’t matter. Arkansas still has a SEC title and has broken up the monopoly that Alabama and Florida has had in this league for a long time.

Great season for our Champs!!!

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She had nothing she throw by them was trying to mess up their timing but yes when you throw same pitch Everytime it usually don’t end up very well

I think the first two she fouled off, both pitches were a little inside. The HR pitch was a little more over the plate. You just knew by the way she was making contact that she would eventually straighten one out.

So somebody added to their bankroll. No one is surprised.
And the band played on.