Softball wins DH

2 good wins today 4-3 over Drake in 10 and 2-1 tonight over Arizona Turner and Delce did a great job!!

The pitching job of the day goes to Robyn Herron the young freshman LH who came in and game one against Drake and pitch 5.2 scoreless innings struck out 14 l!!


We are apparently short on TV equipment and crews. Gymnastics is kicking off now and baseball was on earlier. Students are used for camera work so that means much more availability of telecast streaming but equipment can’t be in three places at once.

Yeah I guess that’s what it is because neither of the softball games were streamed

You’re absolutely correct big guy!
Freshman Robyn Herron struck out 14 of the 17 batters she faced. Amazing! She receives my hand salute for a superb performance!
UA…Campus of Champions

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I know and the sad part is we didn’t get to see any of it unless you were at the ballpark… she was really unbelievable

SEC track championship happening on campus, too. Four things requiring cameras.

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Yeah that had to be the reason