Softball wins 14-1

Run rule over the Wallets in 4.5 innings to win the series at Bogle. Chenise Delce got her third complete game victory of the week over a ranked team and the Bogle Bombers were out in full force.

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Good top see the comeback win today after the no so good result last night. Delce has gotten her form back from a couple of pre conference slow starts. I had hope our young starter would fare better than she did last night. She has recognized talent and going forward I hope the Gator lost will have benefits for her appearances later.

Great to see those Bats wake up!! maybe with the weather warming up we will see the start the bats get hot.

To be exact, three dingers including two by Rylee Hedgecock. Also had an RBI double and an RBI triple.

Currently sixth in the SEC at 5-4 pending games later Sunday.

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