Softball walk-off

In the opening game of a doubleheader against #19 Arizona, the Lady Razorbacks won 3-2 with a walk-off single.


A little revenge for the super regional two years ago

Gammill got the big hit in game one but in game 2 Arizona leads 4-2. Gammill took the K with a runner in 3rd base and 2 outs. Man the hogs needed that run.

This team doesn’t look as good as the ones we have had the last 2 yrs. They just don’t appear to have the offense .When Delce is on the mound and on her game they can stay in with anybody and I really like Herron but that’s about it. The season is just beginning though ,we will see how they do.

They are just getting started. I think they will be fine.

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AZ won the second game 5-2.

Tomorrow we play Drake at 1:30 and then Arizona again at 4ish.

Billy, we lit up Baylor’s top two pitchers for 11 runs two Sundays ago. Those same two pitchers got the win and the save when they beat #1 Mobilehoma last Sunday. This team can score some runs, but they’re not going to crush 800 homers like they did last year.

A lot of games and you won’t win them all!

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Yeah they’re definitely going to have to do it in different ways and they’ve had a few games where they’ve looked pretty good so they may turn out ok and I may be wrong…

I just don’t see it right now but today was pretty tough day to play with that cold weather so we’ll see what they do when it warms up a little bit.

They appear to be a very close team and that is never a bad thing.

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