Softball vs Oregon, regional final

Reminder that we have to win once today; Ducks would have to win two.

And fortunately we got our games in yesterday. Gainesville didn’t; Georgia Tech and Wisconsin are playing an elimination game now. It’s possible the winner could have to play THREE today if they then beat Florida this afternoon.

Bama is playing Stanford in the same situation Oregon is in; they have to win twice. But they’re on their home field, and they lead 2-0 in the sixth inning in the first game.

Bama lead 4-0 on the 7th over Standford so they are about to force game 2 winner take all game.
Kentucky’s down 1 run mud way so they might have to play game 2.

I am not clear on the TV situation

YouTube TV shows our game on SECN, but at end of Bama game they said that game was on SECN?

Alex Perlman was calling the Bama game. Enough said.

Having said that, SECN is showing SEC Now and the Hog game is on ESPN+

I’m watching the game on the regular ESPN app, not the pay version ESPN+.

Just checked TV, it’s airing on SECN now.

McEwen hit one 198 feet to right. Unfortunately the fence is 200. The wind is out of the east which will knock down balls hit to right. Then a diving catch to rob Ellsworth. Ducks batting (they’re the “home” team).

And just checked the ESPN schedule, the second Bama game is on ESPN+.

Mary Haff gets a K and two groundouts in the first. On to the second with Gibson, Malkin and Gammill.

And Linnie cranks out career homer #50! 1-0 Hogs.

Followed by Hoffmann, back to back jacks on an oppo taco! 2-0!

Two more Ks for Haff in the Duck 2nd.

It looks like Mary has her good stuff today. It would be nice for the hogs to get a few more runs

Danielle with a solo blast in the 4th. Now 3-0 Hogs.

We’re Haff way there

Wind blowing in from right didn’t bother Gibson, no ma’am!

This freaking umpire just shafted us not once but twice! I have never seen such crap in my life I’m in the softball umpires of twice as bad as as the Baseball umpires both of those picthes are dead on the corners

Uh oh! 3-3 after throwing errors.

The old Little League 3-run homer. Ground ball and two throwing errors.


Then this guy calls that strike about 6 in off the plate LOL

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If Haff had backed up third base sooner, they would have had a chance to throw the runner out at home and prevent the tying run. Or maybe at least held the runner at third.

If the umpire calls the third strike none of that happens

Absolutely! But he didn’t and it happened. Ugh!