Softball vs. Ole Miss (SEC tournament)

Waaaaaay late start due to Tennessee-MSU going 13 innings this afternoon.

Mary Haff struck out the side in the top of the first around a 1-out double. No score, Hogs coming to bat.

Walk, ground out, throwing error on what should have been a rundown, and KB Sides scores. 1-0 Hogs after 1.

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This girl gave us fits with that change up the first time she faced us

Second inning, Haff strands two after walks.

Then Linnie Malkin smoked her 20th homer that left the yard in about a half-second. 2-0 Hogs.

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Haff strands two more runners in the third, no damage.

Sides walked again to lead off the third but moved no farther. 2-0 after 3.

Haff has 5 Ks and a bunch of popups through four innings. OM has two hits, both by the same player, and no runs.

Malkin’s dinger set the Hog school record, her 48th career homer at UA, but she struck out in the Hog 4th. That’s the only Hog hit, and we’re still up 2-0.

This girl shut us out the first time hopefully Mary can hold on.

Just got hosed on that walk

Haff got 2 K’s to strand a baseload of Rebs.

Kacie Hoffmann hit a 5-iron down the right field line and gone! 3-0 Hogs.

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Half is in a jam top 6. Runners in first and second 2 outs!

She’s been in a jam all night and wiggled out every time. Rebnecks have 10 LOB

Yes she has. She got out of that jam too! Most of the hits off of her tonight have been on 0-2 pitches.

Yes she has not been sharp at all but has survived that’s all that matters

3 more outs! Then it’s Florida!

One of the least dominant 9-K complete game shutouts I’ve ever seen, but I’ll take it. On to the Wallets in about 16 hours.