Softball vs Nebraska

Our last game of the tournament in Clearwater. Yes it’s a very early start

Cobs 1st

single to center

1 hit, 1 left

Hogs first
Johnson groundout
Foreman popup
Hedgecock single to right
Hoffmann line out to right

1 hit, 1 left

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NU 2nd (Robyn Herron pitching after yesterday’s shutout)

Homer to dead center, 1-0 Cobs
Grounder to short
Walk; pinch runner

1 run, 1 hit, 1 left

Nebraska beat the Aggies yesterday so they’re decent.

Hogs 2nd:
Gammill F7 to warning track
Halvorson F8
Kramer whiff

3 up 3 down

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Cobs 3rd:
Pop 2B
Foul out

3 up 3 down

Hogs 3rd
Prigge whiff
Rijo HBP
Johnson infield single
Foreman F-9, runner to 3rd
Johnson steals second
Hedgecock walked; they kinda pitched around her. Beerhat time
Hoffmann HBP, RBI, tied 1-1
Kildow pinch runner
Gammill RBI walk, 2-1
Pitching change
Halvorson single to left, 2 RBI, 4-1
Kramer whiff

4 runs, 2 hits, 2 left

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Cobs 4th
(Camenzind catching for Hogs)
Popup to SS

0 run, 0 hits, 1 left

Hogs 4th
Prigge F-9
Rijo grounder to 3B
Johnson whiff

3 up 3 down

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Cobs 5th

Pitching change; Delce in. Herron goes 4+, allowed 2 hits
Single up the middle
Passed ball, runners move up

0 runs, 1 hit, 2 left

Still 4-1

Hogs 5th
Foreman single to right
Hedgecock whiff
Hoffmann singles to left, Foreman to 3rd, Hoffmann to second on the throw
Gammill walks, beerhat time
Halvorson double to left center, 2 RBI, 6-1. Gammill to 3rd
Kramer F7, runners stay put
Estrada pinch hits, caught looking

2 runs, 3 hits, 2 left

6-1 Hogs

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Cobs 6th

Grounder to 3B

3 up 3 down

Hogs 6th

NU changes pitchers again
Rijo grounder to 1B
Johnson grounder to 1B, nice play on a smash
Foreman F-7

3 up, 3 down

Still 6-1

Cobs 7th

Grounder to 3B
Grounder to 3B

This one belongs to the Razorbacks!

Herron gets the win, Delce the save. Halvorson with 4 RBIs.

Hogs go 3-2 in the tournament, both losses to ranked teams.

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Thanks, Swine! Appreciate the coverage…


Losses to teams ranked #7 FSU and #16 Duke. Both FSU and Duke subsequently lost. UCLA, now playing #22 Louisana in a close 3-2 contest with the Cajuns 2-3 contest.

I got to watch a little before church and Herron looks to the best P we have behind Delce.She has more control and has a nasty Change up…They ended the weekend with 3 straight W and winning Tournament and now get to home for a while and hopefully keep the W streak going.


Good stuff, thx as well.

UCLA went 5-0 at Clearwater after coming back to beat the Cajuns. Bruins are now 12-0.

OU lost to Baylor today for its first loss of the season, so UCLA may be #1 tomorrow. I’d go with that after the Bruins plowed through Clearwater. (Remember we beat Baylor 11-7 last Sunday in Vegas).

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Bama beat Free Shoes 2-1, as Montana Fouts has returned for her 12th season of college pitching. Doesn’t she have grandchildren by now?

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