Softball vs. Kentucky

11 a.m. Easter Sunday start to decide first place in the SEC standings. Chenise Delce in the circle for the Hogs. Set the Cats down 1-2-3 in the top of the first, including the girl who hit two bombs for Kentucky last night,

How are you watching? ESPN+ says the game is at 2 AM Tuesday?

That’s the replay. I’m watching now.

Taylor Ellsworth hit a solo shot with two outs in the first. 1-0 Hogs.

Streaming live via the ESPN App…

Are you watching on ESPN+?

@DANNY_YOUNG It is not on ESPN+, but rather on SEC Network +. On the ESPN app, scroll down to the Channels listing and select SEC Network +.

Thanks for the heads up I was thinking it was later

Gibson got a single after the homer and Gammill hit one to the track in right that was caught. 1-0 going to the second,

Delce taken over to being ace of the staff

Haff isn’t the first pitcher to get clobbered after her defense let her down. She did have a perfect game earlier.

Leadoff walk for UK in the second, didn’t get past first base. Hogs up in B2.

LaValley with an RBI single, tagged out between first and second, after two earlier singles. UK changing pitchers (they have 7 pitchers, an unusually high number). Hogs up 2-0, 1 out in the second, runner on third.

Haff is still a very good pitcher but this is not the first time she’s giving up a big inning late,she hasn’t quite been the same this year… Why delce started the first game of the series.

Delce has allowed two straight leadoff baserunners but neither one advanced past second. Still 2-0 going to B3.

Linnie Malkin into the parking lot! 5-0 Hogs!

Wow! What a blast! 5 zip!

That one might have gone into the Hog Pen at BWS

I think Malkin got all of that one!!

That was a bomb!

KB Sides yanks one out to right, 6-0!

I still laugh. Bama had her bunting and slap-hitting. Comes here and she’s hitting bombs. Bama’s had a lot of success, but that’s some serious overcoaching.