Softball vs Iowa State

I believe they’re calling this weekend the Woo Pig Classic. Hogs up 3-0, bottom 3rd. Lauren Camenzind doubled in a run in the second inning and Rylin Hedgecock hit a two run bomb in the third. Hogs still batting, just got two two-out walks, then a whiff to end the inning.

Robyn Herron is pitching for us, has not allowed a hit but has walked three.

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ISU 4th:
The wildest wild pitch you ever saw; it hit her thigh on the delivery and squirted off at a 45 degree angle toward the dugout. Lucky the runner only moved up one base

Hog 4th
Camenzind line out to center
Prigge whiff
Johnson infield single after pummeling both the catcher and the ump with foul tips
Gammill pop to shortstop
Still 3-0

ISU 5th

(Herron has 8 Ks through 4 innings)
Infield single that Gammill should have let roll foul
Pinch runner
L-6; could have had double play but throw back to first hit the runner

Hogs 5th
New ISU pitcher
Hedgecock double to left
Pinch runner
Halvorson walks
Hoffmann grounds into 5-3 DP, Halvorson to second
Foreman P-3

Spin was taking it foul regardless of slope

Agree, I thought it was going foul, but not sure how the ground crew has the third baseline sloped. Wish she would have let it go.

Looking for a 3 run bomb from Hoffman.

ISU 6th

Whiff (9 Ks)
Caught looking (10 Ks)
Grounder 5-3

Hog 6th

Kramer homer to CF, 4-0
Camenzind grounder 1-3
Cloud pinch hits for Prigge
Groundout 1-3
Johnson infield single
Gammill singles to left, Johnson to third, Gammill to second on wild throw
Hedgecock F-7

4-0 Hogs

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ISU 7th

Caught looking (11 K)
Whiff (12 K)

Tomorrow at 3 p.m. vs A&M-Corpus Christi

Herron has issues throwing strikes, but when she gets it over, very tough to hit, as a 1.06 ERA suggests. Shutout, 1 hit, 12K, 104 pitches. And if Gammill lets that dribbler roll foul, might have been a no-no.


I really like Herron I think she’s got a chance to be really really good… just needs to keep her walks down because she throws hard and has an awesome change up

Herron pitched a no-hitter in the second game Saturday against A&M-CC in a five-inning run rule.

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