Softball uniforms today?

what in the world are we wearing white and teal green uniforms for today???

Here’s your answer, Billy. When I saw the Flopnecks were also wearing teal trim, I figured something like this was up.

Oh Ok I see.I kind of figured it was some special occasion bc OM has some teal in there uni’s too…thanks

I get it that you have to do that sort of thing occasionally, but it is not a good look. A little better than pink, but still an abomination.

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I know many on this board have been affected or are affected by the presence of ovarian cancer. I have dealt with patients more than a thousand times with this deadly disease and it along with cerivical cancer when very yound is very fatal. I suport the teal green movement and the breast cancer awareness and the “we back Pat” movement that shows up every season for legendary SEC women. Garnering attention always results in an uptick in donations to national organizations matched to the cause. I did not hear much vocab dedicated to accomplishing that during the game today. Seemed to be a good color for us since we whupped em. Alex was a special kid. #NoOneFightsAlone campaign.

I would bet that all SEC softball teams would have contacted and recruited Alex.

and on twitter and instagram lots of tag ons^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^hashtag

plus State took out Tenner (ranked) 8-3.


Mom had ovarian cancer. She fought bravely for several years traveling from Grant/Jefferson county line to Little Rock to work while taking treatments. Then I received a call that she had an accident headed to work December 6, 2002. We rushed home to check on her and it was evident something more was wrong. After her oncologist did some tests he called and said she had brain cancer. Apparently metastasized from the ovarian cancer. She moved in with us and passed in our home March 6th, 2003. We lost our 52 year old niece Mothers Day 2019 to breast cancer.

What a great way to bring attention to these deadly cancers. Thanks Ray for your dedication to helping others and for bringing this to our attention.

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