Softball: UA sophomore ties NCAA HR record

Danielle Gibson hit four home runs in four at-bats tonight in Arkansas’ win over SIU-Edwardsville. She was denied a chance for a fifth home run because of a run rule. Here is more: … ord-4-hrs/

What was amazing about that if she hit for cycle of home runs!!

They were showing that on Sports Center last night as “must see”, and pointed out it’s never been done at the MLB level.

She can sure hit the ball!

It’s more than amazing. It sounds damned near impossible. So many things have to fall just right. I can see why it’s never been done in the major leagues. Bet it hasn’t been done much of anywhere.


As I stated on the Football board, Juan Williams of the Fox show “The Five” showed a clip of her hitting all four home runs during Monday’s show. If you watch her carefully, she has outstanding technique in swinging the bat. She’s been well coached by someone (father, etc…). Great fundamentals.


Dare I say we have a “Babe” Ruth???