Softball to play at 8 p.m. tonight

First round game between ND State and OU not completed yet (OU was trailing 2-0 at time of suspension yesterday). OU game resumes at 1:30, then Hogs play the loser tonight. Of course, this is an elimination game; loser goes home (it would be OK with me if we eliminate Mobilehoma).

That would be ideal.

And sure enough, NDSU beat the Paperclips 3-2 in 9 innings. We play Mobilehoma tonight. Loser goes home. (Remember that OU won the NC last year).

It’s on ESPN2. Bottom 3: tied at 3. Arkansas is the home team.

1 on, 1 out.

Go Hogs, beat the land grabbers.

Paperclips won 5-3. Hogs had baserunners all over the place in the last six innings but couldn’t get the key hit, and OU’s closer was cranking it up there at 72-73 MPH (which is about like 98 for a baseball pitcher given that the circle in softball is a lot closer to the plate).

Good season regardless. Announcers noted that Hogs improved more from last season than any other team in a Power 5 conference, with 14 more wins than last year. Hopefully Courtney Deifel can continue to build on that.