Softball team hosts a regional!

13th seed. Play DePaul Friday. Okie Lite and Wichita State also in the regional. … -1st-time/

That must have surprised ESPN because they had no video of them. They did for practically everybody else who was seeded.

Our regional is paired with Mobilehoma’s. Not exactly a surprise. I figured if we didn’t host we’d get sent to OU anyway.

Aren’t the high school softball finals this weekend at Bogle? How will that work?

All the state title games are scheduled for Bogle – date and time to be announced. Somebody thought ahead.

The softball state championships are moving to UCA in Conway. There is a contingency plan between the AAA and UA in case the facility needs to be used by the primary tenant.

According to ADG today AAA will meet tomorrow to decide what to do. Nice problem to have. Congratulations to softball team well deserved honor!

I think this is just great. Don’t know much about the team, but I know where they were just 3 yrs ago. The lady coaching them must be really good.

I hope they are not satisfied with getting there. Now, go out and win it. A real, undreamed of opportunity awaits.

Wichita State beat them 1-0 earlier in the year, so this won’t be a cakewalk. Then again, it shouldn’t be easy this time of the year. Congratulations to the team for doing something they have never done before.

The high school softball tournament has been moved again, this time to Benton High School. UCA was invited to host a game in the NISC Tournament this weekend. That is essentially the NIT of college softball.

I noticed the 7A final is Bentonville vs. Bentonville West. They get to drive 230 miles each way to play each other.