Softball team gets NIL deal

Every one of them.


Susie and Dwight Everett are wonderful friends who give back so much to others. No surprise here. Way to go!


I noticed Buick’s program to give more exposure to women’s athletics during the Dance. This makes perfect sense for a Buick dealer in connection with that program.



I just ordered a new Tahoe form Evette Chevrolet in Benton! They at least don’t add a bunch of fees on top of the order price.
It’s not a good time to buy but the wife’s ride is having issues! No choice or I wouldn’t be buying now.

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@armyhog I’ve known Dwight Everett since our kids carpooled together in Benton. He and Susie do things the right way. At the dealership and at home. I’m so proud to see the success they have had in the car business. The kids are following in their footsteps.


That’s Awesome… they are very deserving of that.

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