Softball team 14th-15th in the polls.

USA Softball dropped us one spot to 15th even though we went 6-0 last week; not exactly a power schedule for the week though. Texas Tech is the team they jumped over us. Coaches kept us 14th.

SEC play starts Saturday against the Rebnecks and we’ll start to find out how good this team really is. We’re 9-1 with the only loss a walkoff to #6 Washington.

They just need to get some more games under their belt. The pitching will be solid for the ladies. Maybe they will hang in there and host a regional again.
I was suprised how well they played last year.

Our record is 18-3
You are missing a bunch of games there

You’re right. I saw 9-1 somewhere this afternoon but no idea where. Also lost to Drake and SEMO