Softball season starts today

The girls are in a tournament in Las Vegas. Play Weber State and UNLV today, Weber State and Southern Utah tomorrow and Bayluh on Sunday. According to the schedule page, games will be streamed but only the UNLV game at 9 pm tonight will have play by play. The Weber game today starts at 4 Central.

Next weekend they’re at the Clearwater Invitational in Florida, which is a big deal in college softball. Five games there too. Then their own tournament at Bogle the following weekend, including a chance for revenge against Arizona which won the 2021 super at Bogle. Three games each against Arizona and Drake.


I’m so proud of our friends Dwight and Susie Everett (Everett Buick GMC) partnering with Buick to provide NIL payments to every Arkansas softball player. They give back to the community in so many ways. Love them.

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My cousin in Vegas and a buddy of mine out there for a convention are going to the games.


I am not a paid YouTube subscriber but I am receiving the Baylor game stream being played now.

I suppose the YouTub feed at 2 will also be accessible without a subscription. As Jeff noted the audio is not available unless UNLV is playing.

Does anyone know about the Arkansas radio play-by-play…can it be accessed via the Internet?

Unless I’ve missed something, Tom, there is no radio of Arkansas softball.

I wondered but did not know… thanks!!

Really excited about Softball starting … I hope they do well today and tonight.

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There probably should be. If I owned an NWA radio station I would propose it to UA, but I don’t.

We start the season ranked #8. As usual, Mobilehoma is #1. And yes, OU softball is on the radio in the OKC area.

By the way Courtney can take over as the winningest UA softball coach ever in the next two weekends. Surprised she’s not there already, but she’s close. She has 238 wins; the mark is 244.

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Yeah I noticed that they wouldn’t have PBP I thought that will be strange, think I will try to catch the night Cap tonight LOL

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Jeff, If you win the lottery maybe you should buy a NWA radio station and fix that…. :wink:


Wrote a story on the start of a new season and the program’s highest-ever preseason rank:

Here is the Rebel Kickoff hub site, where you can access scores, stats and live streams:

Right after I endow the soccer and equestrian programs, Danny.

Does the Third District congressman still own a radio station?


Great… I wished we had more information about how they did in the fall. I would like to kind of know who we expect to be impact players among the newcomers…
Gammill going from third to C I think we’ll be a good move. She has an absolute Cannon and she appeared to have good glove skills at third so I don’t think she will have that hard of transition to catcher.
I made the switch in reverse order from catcher to third and really didn’t have that big a problem with it so hopefully she will adapt and be great behind the plate.

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Well, In pulling up the UNLV feed now covering Baylor and Weber State, a large fellow Arkansas gear is sitting on the first row behind home plate…I see Rick Bawiec in the Chat so I know it is not him!

There apparently is some question about the Arkansas telecast starting at 4 PM. The YouTube guide indicated later which makes sense in that the Baylor telecast started at 2 although the game started at 11:30. It appears that is a delayed stream.

Are you accounting for time zone difference?

Paul Boyd wrote a little in the fall/preseason on the team and its exhibition series against La. Tech:

And Gammill has been said to be a “natural catcher” but in both high school and college she’s played other positions to best suit the entire team. She started at catcher her freshman year at Beebe, but ended up at shortstop. Held down third base great for the Razorbacks two-straight seasons, but now they are moving Spencer Prigge over there. Gammill said she still takes plenty of 3B reps each day at practice, though.

Thank you so much I don’t seem to see the articles unless they show up in this forum. I will have to do a better job of looking on the main page I suppose

I remember Steve when he was a kid working for his dad. He’d show up at football practice and get soundbites from Holtz.

Yes. Earlier there a post regarding technical difficult with the Baylor-Weber State stream so I am assuming by combining chat information and the fact the Baylor telecast started at 2 PM our game telecast is pushed. I will check the box score to see it shows the Baylor game as completed with telecast still ongoing.

Strange - I rechecked the UNLV site and the only data sources indicate the Baylor Weber game is now underway in the top of the 5th with batting and leading 4-3. We play Weber State at 3 MST or 4 CST and this game is only in the top of the 5th. The chat indicates it is live so there had to be a game start delay somewhere. I would not expect the first Razorback game at 4 CST at this rate. The 7 PM MST or 9 PM CST game follows the scheduled 4:30 MST (6:30 CST) game between UNLV and Southern Utah. The schedule tomorrow is equally challenging with 5 games starting at 9 AM MST with Arkansas and Weber St meeting again.