Softball recruiting?

how does the softball recruiting look for next year’s team?the number of signees and how does the ranking stack up with the other SEC teams and/or nationwide?..and any transfers if known yet

Top of the world. The young hogs will be better next season.


I’ll take a stab at this. There are two freshman catchers coming in next season and I’m thinking that Lauren Camenzind just might go 2nd base and these two freshmen and maybe a transfer will fight it out for the catcher position.

Nyjah Fontenot was injured and missed this past entire season. She is an outfielder and very talented. She is almost like a new freshman coming in except she will have a year in the system and hopfully will be able to practice this fall.

As usual, it will be very interesting to see what transfers will come and go. There are only two starters that have completed their eligibility. They are Chenise Delce and Tina Foreman.

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eldohog, Thanks for mentioning Tina Foreman. She has been a great addition this year in her single season as a graduate transfer (working on an MBA). In this young Arkansas rooster her leadership as been valued both on the field and academically.

Be interesting to see how they follow up last years class as I believe it was #1 if I am not mistaken.

So Hedgecock could come back if she wanted to? I feel like I read somewhere during the season she said the was done after this year.

She’s listed on the roster as a R-Jr. As to whether she comes back or not, I don’t know.

Rylin has indicated she is foregoing her final year of eligibility. She graduated a couple weekends ago and participated in Senior Day activities.


Here is the 2023 signing class.

Softball Welcomes Four in Decorated Signing Class | Arkansas Razorbacks

thanks everyone!

IMO distinct similarities between the Womens BB and Softball programs - Coaches that can recruit and have decent seasons but have trouble winning at the end of the year or at tournament time.

Well I think it’s a process of getting a lot of great players for several years in a row…Then you can start to build a foundation that can transcend down to younger players when they leave. There is an expectation of excellence but that’s not easily achieved.
Sports will always be about players and the team that usually has the best players has the best chance to win. So continue to recruit at a very high level,learn from your mistakes and then you will have a great chance to win it all.

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From where the softball program was to where it is now, is most impressive, so I am certainly reluctant to judge the program quite this harshly. Basketball has had its ups and downs and is having some challenges in getting to the next level under Mike. I guess I was overly giddy when he came home and thought it would level the playing field in the brutal SEC, but realistically I may have put more on his plate and possibly not recognized the difference in the physicality of SEC basketball versus West Coast ball. Mike seemingly has not brought his program up to this level, yet.

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WBB hasn’t won the SEC regular season or tournament title or been on the equivalent of the 1 or 2 line in the tournament. SB is way ahead. Deifel is a helluva coach and is building something very real.

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No chance she comes back and works on a masters?

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I expect Deifel to mine the portal as she has done for Delce, Halvorson and Foreman in the last two years.