Softball recruiting class

Can someone post this?

Softball Announces Top-Ranked Signing Class | Arkansas Razorbacks

That is impressive!!!

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Thanks youdaman.

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Yeah there’s some big time players in there when you consider 8/30 best in the nation


You’re welcome

Very interesting how many of that class are from Louisiana. They talked a lot about the family feel and the positive environment. Our best player last year transfered out of Alabama and to the Hogs. There was something wrong there in Tuscaloosa which was proven when they fired their coach.

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Patrick Murphy is still the coach at Alabama.

There is something special about how CCD relates to these ladies. HY better lock her up tight, because they are coming for her.

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Who am I getting him mixed up with? I thought one of the SEC softball coaches got fired and the one who the SEC Player of the Year left should have been the likely victim. Looks like the Vols had the #10 class so that is probably not the one fired and LSU had a top class too, so the ones they lost to the Hogs didn’t hurt them much.

I think the longtime AM coach got fired.

Correct. Jo Evans got fired at A&M.

Wonder if the A&M AD has contacted Coach Diefel. He doesn’t seem to be the type to ask permission first

Based on what?

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