Softball on TV now

The game is being aired on the SEC network.

No score after the first inning. Both teams got a hit and stranded a runner.

Nicole Schroeder homered on the first pitch of the second inning, followed by two walks and a two-run triple by Autumn Russell. It was Schroeder’s 17th dinger.

Tulsa got a one-out double, an error, a passed ball and a two-run triple, but tying run stranded at third.

Two runs for TU, one unearned, in the fifth.

It’s kind of funny listening to these announcers. They said Tulsa has an advantage because it “understands Oklahoma weather,” nevermind the fact that Arkansas’ campus is only about 90 minutes away.

Arkansas just tied the game 4-4 on Katie Warrick’s leadoff HR in the top of the seventh (softball games are 7 innings).

The Razorbacks lead the SEC with 58 HRs this year.

BTW, Sooieville Sluggers applies to the softball team as well as the baseball team!

Hogs just tied the game in the top of the 7th with a dinger.

Turned the game on just in time to see Tulsa player hit an oppo-field homer in the bottom of the 7th to win the game, 5-4. Hogs play in the loser’s bracket slim game tomorrow.

Tulsa led off the bottom of the seventh with a homer. TU wins 5-4. Hogs into losers bracket

That was a first pitch homer for Tulsa in the inning. Arkansas will play in the loser’s bracket tomorrow afternoon.

The Tulsa player who hit the walk-off HR transferred there from…Arkansas: … r-ncaa-re/