Softball loses 3-1 so SoCar

Chickens made a late change in starting pitcher before the game and the replacement did the job. Hogs had problems with LOB (sounds familiar) and the Chickens got a two-run homer that proved to be the deciding runs.

NCAA field coming out Sunday night. Arkansas will be in the field. Will they host?

I kind of doubt Arkansas gets to host because it did not play a strong non-conference schedule. My guess: They get sent to Oklahoma.

The hogs have had a good year to this point. They are young and will only get better. Today they missed chances to score in the first inning I think they had runners at first and second and no outs and got nothing. In another inning with runners at first and second no outs failed to sacrifice bunt by popping out to the catcher. They had their chances!

It stinks to go right back to OKC for a regional.