Softball: Hogs up 3-0 on Murder U

Bottom of the third. Finally getting some pitching so far.

Bama scored 2 in the bottom of the 3rd but had two baserunners thrown out on the bases, including the third out at home. Still 3-2 Hogs.

Bama challenged the out call at home plate and the out was upheld. Amazing that Birmingham didn’t tell them to reverse. Great throw by Reagin Kramer from LF to get the out after a 2-out single.

Kramer threw another Scumette out at the plate to end the Bama 4th. Still 3-2 Hogs after 4 full.

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Hogs pick up two runs in the 5th as the Scum centerfielder dropped two fly balls. 5-3 after 4.5

Chenise Delce came in for the 5th and stranded two Scumette runners. Still 5-2 after 5.

We need this series.

Series ends tomorrow so maybe we can pull this one out.

Really need to hold on and win this game and get that one tomorrow and win this series

No score in the 6th as Delce cruises through three Murder hitters. 5-2 going to the 7th.

We are falling apart here in the 7th… come on girls get it together.

What are you doing Gammill!!!.

Great job Delce!!! Way to go girls!!

Bases loaded, no out, and we get out of it. Despite a dropped foul popup. Hogs win 5-3!


Uggggghhhhhhh. I still cringe


Don’t we all.

This one was behind the plate. Catcher Hannah Camenzind (who had a two-run double) was under it, Hannah Gammill ran over her. But Delce struck the girl out on the next pitch.

That was crazy …that’s just flat out disrespect for the freshman who was right up under it ready to catch it. Could have very easily cost us the game

Gammill is having a tough season so far.
Glad to see the team get the win. Looked pretty shaky there in the 7th. Delce came thru.

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Yeah she really is… Last year she was just a another piece of a big puzzle …this year she’s the one they want to make sure they get out. Hopefully as weather warms up, so will she.

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One of Bama’s errors was the same deal. CF was camped under the pop fly, LF ran into her and the ball dropped. The runner on third scores regardless but the batter eventually scored our fifth run – when the CF dropped another one.

Yep knocked it right out of her glove

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