Softball: Hogs 3, UCA 0, bottom 2

Linnie Malkin hit a three-run homer in the bottom of the first. Jenna Bloom has struck out four UCA batters and allowed only a leadoff walk.

Hogs got single runs in the second and third, now lead 5-0. Bloom has still allowed only the one baserunner and has 5 Ks.

Unfortunately, UCA tied it up in the 7th & has a runner on 2nd with 1 out in the top of the 8th.

Braxton Burnside hit a walk-off HR to win it 7-6.

Burnside is tied for the national lead in homers now with Alo of OU, with 23.

I was just about to post that. Both are only 14 home runs off the NCAA single-season record.

By the way. #1 OU followed us into Athens and split a doubleheader with Georgia last night. So they couldn’t sweep Georgia and the Hogs did. Of course the Clips are now 33-1 after taking the nightcap.

It would have been embarrassing to lose to UCA, especially when ranked #6 in the nation.


That was a great AB by Burnside, fouled off 3-4 pitches and then went out an got a tough pitch on the outside corner and drove it out to RF

Those were my thoughts exactly. This new policy is great for everyone except the hogs. There is a lot to lose and little to gain.

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DVH obviously doesn’t care. Neither does Deifel. We lost to UALR in 2019 and we were so embarrassed we only played two games in Omaha that June instead of six like the year before.

Basically my objection to instate games is with the wannabes in Craighead County. UCA, UALR, UAPB? Meh.

UCA softball is actually pretty good. They’re top 100 RPI. Most of their losses are to Power Five teams and they’re in second place in the Southland with a series against the leader this weekend.

Further note about OU softball: They have a midweek game next week against North Texas. I’d be willing to bet I know who UNT will start: Hope Trautwein, she of the 21-K perfect game against UAPB.

No doubt a loss of any sort in baseball & softball is less significant than one in basketball or football (especially football). Still, it’s worse to me to lose to an instate team than one outside the state. That loss to UALR a couple of years ago became less significant because we went on to the CWS. Had we failed to do so, that loss would have probably been more memorable. Regardless, I did not like it one bit.

Agree with you, however, that this is especially an issue because of the people in Jonesboro. But even so, I don’t like the thought of asking people to choose, even for a night, between the Hogs & a smaller school they might also support. Done often enough & it can bleed over to a general dislike for a “rival.” No disrespect to DVH or Deifel, but their focus is on their own teams & how they perform in a given season or night. My view is broader in scope and applies to statewide support for the Razorback program as a whole.

Regardless, I sure as hell don’t want a Razorback team to lose to some in-state school. That passion increases for me if it involves those vile people in Jonesboro who hate everything Hog 24/7/365.

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