Softball: Hogs 3, Misery 0, bottom 1

Tiggers walked Burnside and McEwen, Danielle Gibson hits a three-run bomb to right.

Misery knows all about Burnside; she started her college career in CoMo.

Misery got a leadoff triple in the second and did not score. Mary Haff got K-popup-K to get out of the jam. Hogs coming up bottom of the second.

Misery gets three runs in the top of the third, including a two-run double. Tied at 3, bottom of the third.

Burnside walked again, Gibson doubled to the gap in left but Burnside ran through a stop sign at third and was thrown out at the plate. Still 3-3 in the fourth.

Is the game televised?


Misery just hit a solo homer in the 4th to take the lead.

6-3 Misery going to the bottom of the seventh. Hogs only have two hits, both by Gibson… Burnside would be up fourth this inning,

Hogs get a walk, don’t do anything with it. Misery wins 6-3. Fortunately Florida lost last night so Hogs maintain margin atop the SEC standings. The Misery series is Saturday-Sunday-Monday for some reason.

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