Softball gets nice road win at SoCar

Mary Happ (17-2 on the season) threw a one-hit shutout as the #20 Hogs beat the #11 Poultry 4-0 in Columbia. She lost the no-hitter with a leadoff single in the bottom of the seventh. Hogs are now 29-7, 6-5 in league play. Series finale is tomorrow. Arkansas got all four runs in the top of the first, with a two-run single by A.J. Belans.

That was South Carolina’s first home loss of the year. Nice win for the Lady’Backs.

My bad. They’re playing a DH in Columbia today. Hogs lead 2-0 in the fourth. Autumn Storms is pitching.

(Which brings up a completely unrelated thought. You see girls named Summer and Autumn, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one named Spring or Winter.)

Also April, but no March or February. It would be very fitting if she were named April Storms because they seem to happen quite often. lol
That said, Autumn Storms has been pitching quite well lately.

Also May, June and August but no July (August is mainly a boy’s name, although I have seen girls with that name as well, including Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter). I guess Julia is pretty close, since it, like July, derives from Julius.


Chickens scored 3 in the 6th, still batting. 3-2 SoCar

Still going. 6-2 Poultry in the 6th after a homer