Softball game at 4

Could be heck of a day if we beat the #3 team in the country in both baseball and softball today. Mobilehoma is unbeaten at home but I don’t put it past Mary Haff in the circle.

The ladies started well on defense but let it slip! 3 errors cost them and allowed OU to get going. Haff didn’t have a good game.
They are young! They will get better.
Wow they are so much fun to watch.

The way OU was knocking around Haff so early, I was afraid we would get run-ruled. Was actually proud they kept the score somewhat respectable. Thought they were a little tight. Would love to see how this series would go if they were playing in Fayetteville in front of 2,000+ friendly fans.

Oklahoma softball kind of reminds me of UConn’s women’s basketball team. They get the recruits they want and just kind of own the sport. It is going to be very rare for a team to knock them off because the talent gap is so wide that it offsets an off day, and when they are on, they are unbeatable.

I hope the team plays loose Saturday and enjoy the environment as much as possible. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event–not that Arkansas can’t get back to this place again, but the first time never happens again. Hope they enjoy the moment, play their game and give Oklahoma a run for Game 2. To pull off one win would be huge for the program even if winning the series isn’t in the cards.