Softball, game 1 of DH

Lsu leadoff hitter got a hit but that was all 1-0 after 1

Fly out to short left to end the top half of the 1st
Aliyah got a hit but she was stranded on 2nd.
1/0 to top of 2nd.
Autumn Storms pitched well.

Thanks. Still can’t get video back. Suspect a wifi problem

We lead off the 2nd with a base hit!

On sec network

We are actually playing some small ball right now.

Smart because going to be tough to hit it out with that wind howling in

Should have done this first game!
2 on no outs!

Umpire strike zone all over the place.

4th hit batter. Bases loaded, 2 outs
Pitching change for LSU

Thought Burnsides might get out because it was a line drive but caught it at the fence

Without the wind, it would have.

They brought game 1 pitcher back in.
Gets strike out to end the inning.
Still 1/0

Gibson swung at ball 4 in the dirt, would have been a run

Just like we talked about earlier!
Poor at bat with bases loaded

3 up 3 down 1- 0 after 2

Good to see Storms back!

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Boom! Hr Malkin


Boom Green goes back to back! 3-0