Softball, game 1 of DH

Tied at 1 going into 2nd.
20+ mph wind blowing in from center field.
Has anyone heard anything definitive about the injury to Autumn Storms?

2/1 LSU going into 3rd.

LSU 2, Ark 1 through two

During the broadcast of the final Mizzou game, I swear I heard one of the commentators mention it was a “back issue.”

Man, we sure could use her this series. Hope she gets well enough to pitch.

Right now we are hitting much like we did against Bama. Lot of weak pop ups and fly outs.

20 MPH winds not good for a team that gets bulk of their runs on HR… just our luck!

Gibson had one that would have gone out in the first inning, with bases loaded and one out, but the wind knocked it down to the warning track. That’s it though. Just about everything else has been shallow fly’s or weak pop ups.

Yeah ball to CF would have been out last inning, got to get people on 1st and then hope we get some hits

I heard that it was a back issue, too.

Three innings of 3 up and 3 down. Ugh!
I’m hoping we can win at least one today and get a piece of the championship and hope Fl loses one. I wish we could sweep and not care what Fl does.
It’s not over yet, but they have got to get the bats going for some hits and runs.

Yeah only 5 hits so far in 12 inn. Hard to win doing that, but heart of the order comes up 1 more time,so we will see

My goodness. Poor, poor at bats. One more chance to fight for the win.

Don’t know what you think, but I played a lot of ball in my day, and as a power hitter, as I think of most power hitters, I always looked for the pitch that I could drive. A pitch that was to my strength. Thats why I see a lot of batters that hit for power, let good pitches go by for strikes because they were being too selective.

This umpire has a very inconsistent strike zone.

Done. Final 2-1 corndogs…

I agree. A lot of those inside pitches he called for strikes, he would also call balls.
Oh well, we just didn’t hit the ball very well today.
Hope they can salvage a win in game two.
Hated to see them lose this game. Now there is gonna be a lot more pressure in game 2, knowing what’s at stake.

Yes I was a power hitter too and the 1st pitch was where I did a lot of damage because I knew they were going to try to get ahead in the count, see a lot of hittable piches taken baseball too


If we lose both Florida and Bummer get back into the conference title picture. If we win Bummer is out and Florida can only tie.

I like our chances in game 2. Maybe it’s just being hopeful. I guess Bloom will pitch game 2.
Hate to see Storms injured.

Got a run in the first of game 2 on a passed ball. Left the bases loaded. I lost the video so not sure what’s happened since.