Softball down 5-0 to BYU

Fourth inning is complete and we don’t have a hit yet, plus two errors, which killed us against TU yesterday. Don’t hit and don’t field in the postseason and your season ends quickly.

The ladies played their typical bad defense just like last night and get beat! Maybe they can improve next season.

Lost 6-3, finally scored on a three-run dinger by Haydi Bugarin but 5-0 down was too much to overcome. Season over.

I hate they lost so early. They had a great run last year. I didn’t really expect them to get to a super-regional this year, but I hoped they’d win a couple in the regional. Still, this program has come light years ahead of where it was 3 years ago. I’m confident we’ll soon become a player on the NCAA softball stage.

I’d say hosting a regional last year and making the super makes you a player, and we were ranked all season this year. If we break through into the upper echelon of the SEC that will also mean the upper national echelon; we’ve finished 12-12 two straight years in the SEC. Storms and Haff are both returning next year in the circle. Only losing four seniors but they all played a lot.

The reason our regional started on Thursday is that BYU won’t play on Sunday, ever, in any sport. So the regional has to wrap up Saturday, or jump to Monday if BYU were to make the final and there were rainouts.

Well, by “player” I mean a program that gets to the WS occasionally & is a threat to do it most years. One year, while wonderful, can still be a fluke—even if followed by an 0-2 & out of the NCAAT the next year. Of course, I know how dominant the SEC is in softball.