Softball completes sweep of Moo U

Won 8-2 today at Bogle Park.

By the way, their SEC record is the same as the men (5-4), the overall record is better (27-6), and they’re also nationally ranked. Might be worth watching for a while.

Swine, which service are they ranked? I know I read that earlier in the week, but ESPN only had Mississippi State ranked 18th. I wasn’t sure which rankings SEC Network+ used … (nor familiar with softball rankings).


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Hogs also 25th in softball RPI after last weekend’s games. I’d guess a home sweep of #15 Moo U will help there as well.

Thanks. SEC Network+ folks never said (or at least I never heard it) and they were Arkansas people. They were sure fun to watch this weekend.

SEC Network is still an ESPN property and the USA Softball poll (the one they referenced) is sponsored by

We have two really good pitchers. Autumn Storms, a sophomore, got the wins Saturday and today, allowing a total of two runs, and freshman Mary Haff, who got the win Friday night, is 16-2 with an ERA of 0.92. She was top 10 in the country in ERA last week but went all the way up to 0.92 by allowing two runs Friday. Storms’ ERA is 2.02 with 11-4 record.

Actually, their record (which I got off the UA app this afternoon) is wrong; they didn’t update for today’s win. We’re now 28-6. The SEC mark is correct at 5-4 though. Georgia, which fell out of first place in the SEC Saturday by losing at Tennessee on a walk-off HBP, swept us at Athens the first weekend; otherwise the record is 28-3.

Florida is in first place at 7-2 and we don’t play them this season.

I’m just not as emotionally involved with the women’s sports as I am the three major mens’s sports. I suppose that’s sexist of me, but I’m just not. That being said, I am thrilled to see them doing well & if I happen to see that they’re on TV, I’ll watch them.

I might add that I’d probably get more emotional about them if they became successful again. It wouldn’t take much for that to happen. I do get emotionally involved when I’m watching them & they’re in contention to win the game. Heck, that even happened when I chanced upon a Razorback volleyball game once.

I suppose if it’s got a Hog on it, I want it to succeed, so thanks for the updates & a big WPS for the softball team.