Softball beats SoDak State 13-3

Autumn Storms got the win to go to 5-0 on the season. Hogs are now 9-1 and are #23 in the coaches poll

They are really looking good

Second game underway now in their “tournament” at Bogle Park; Hogs leading Marist 4-0 in the third. Mary Haff pitching for the Hogs.

7-0 now, bottom 5th.

Two more games tomorrow against Boston U and Montana and one Sunday against Marist in the Razorback Invitational.

7-0 final. Haff pitched 4 innings, Jenna Bloom pitched the last three. With seven games this weekend, I guess Courtney Deifel is saving her arms.

I wish we could make it up there to see them, will go to LSU when they come down here

It appears Bloom is going to be our closer this year. Not sure I’ve seen a designated closer in softball, but maybe they’re common and I just don’t pay attention.

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